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Welcome to Kirkwood Guesthouse

Address: 172 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1DA

Telephone: 01223 306283 01223 306283

Hotel Description

Kirkwood House is a delightful Victorian house. The house is both comfortable and inviting. We cater for everyone from the very young to the elderly and offer friendly family-run service. Our bedrooms are all tastefully decorated and offer complimentary tea and coffee making facilities and a daily cleaning service Monday to Friday (we do not offer housekeeping or services on Saturdays and Sundays at this time, unless your arrival date falls on a weekend) Kirkwood House enjoys a continued popularity due to its cleanliness, hospitality, location, extremely competitive rates and overall quality. We are located on Chesterton Road which is part of Cambridge ring-road making journeys by car, taxi or one of the frequent buses very easy. We are also very close to the river, alongside which a short stroll will get you to the city centre. We regret to inform guests, that due to Cambridge City Councils Residents Parking Scheme, we will be unable to offer parking from April 8th 2013.

Our Facilities

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Hotel Reviews - Kirkwood Guesthouse

More Than Adequate
Kirkwood is a simple guesthouse that does the job. It's not the lap of luxury, but I've been to much more expensive places in Cambridge with much the same standard. Fre wifi is a bonus, and the staff were efficient and friendly.

Svenn-Arve Myklebost - 27th Sep, 2017
Verified Review

Ok Accomodation
Pro:good location near cafés, with guesthouse in the backyard (not at the street), price reasonable for cambridge standards, helpful staff

Con: Room was a bit small and without closet, thin walls to next room

Ms. Petra Meyer - 14th Jun, 2016
Verified Review

Very Nice
Beautiful house, with a friendly and helpful staff very much concerned about the guests' comfortable arrival and stay.

Dr. Alessandro Torrielli - 17th Apr, 2016
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback and review of your stay. It was a pleasure to have you stay with us and we look forward to accommodating you again in the future should you return to Cambridge.

Perfect For Its Purpose
Walking distance to the city centre and two different ways to get there. Clean and well organized. We arrived after check-in time, and the owner(?) was very helpful and concerned to arrange everything properly.

Maybe a few things to mention to have the right expectations. Not too much privacy if you're travelling with a colleague (bathroom very small with thin door), but no problems if you you are aware of it. No breakfast, but stores and many food places around. (For us it was a plus, so we could get upp whenever we wanted and choose our own breakfast.) A roundabout just outside, so perhaps not suitable for people sensitive to noise (we were just fine) or ask for a room more inside the house.

Dr. Veronica Crispin Quinonez - 4th Mar, 2016
Verified Review

Small But Convenient
I booked a single room in Kirkwood Guesthouse. The downside is that the room is very small, with old fashion TV, the upsides are that the place is clean, shower & bed are very good, and the staff is friendly.

Dr. Ohad Noy Feldheim - 6th Apr, 2014
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your feedback. We hope you enjoyed your stay and hope to accommodate you again in the future.

Wonderful Family-run Hotel
It is called guesthouse, but it is really a hotel, with en-suite rooms. For very moderate price you get your own bathroom, rooms are cleaned every day, towels and bed linen changed. They do not serve breakfast, but rooms have tea-pot, tee, coffee, milk. There is a grocery store nearby open each day till 11 pm. Buses to city center run every 10 minutes, on foot it takes about 20 minutes. The neighborhood is safe and vivid.

Ms. Anastasia Mitrofanova - 6th Apr, 2014
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your kind words and positive feedback. We are extremely glad that you were satisfied with your stay with us, and we very much look forward to perhaps accommodating you again in the future.

Kirkwood House Cambridge
Were in Cambridge for a short stay. Calm (room at the back of the main hotel). Location is very good either to visit the centre of Cambridge or go out to other places by car.

Very clean,and comfortable

Mr. Alain Foulquier - 29th Aug, 2013
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your feedback. We are very pleased you enjoyed your stay in Cambridge, and look forward to maybe one day accommodating you again in the future. It was a pleasure to have you and your family stay with us.

All Good Here
It's hard to find value-for-money accommodation in Cambridge sometimes. It's not the first time I have stayed here and I shall again no doubt. Clean, welcoming and drama free accommodation at a good price AND you aren't far at all from the City sights.

Mr. Steve Freathy - 12th Aug, 2013
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your lovely feedback. We look forward to accommodating you in the future.

Nice Place.
Nice place. Basic bed and rest, clean and ok priced.

Mr. Ottar Mjelde - 25th Jul, 2013
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your positive feedback. We look forward to perhaps accommodating you again in the future.

Kirkwood Hotel was clean,reasonably priced and in a location that was not too far away from river/Jesus Green/Town. Plentl of tea & coffee in the room & although no breakfast available we were able to get breakfast in a small cafe not oo far away.

Mr. Philip Tipler - 17th Jun, 2013
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Your feedback is most appreciated.

Wonderful Place To Stay
Very friendly place, clean and warm with nice room and convenient location and good prices .. I will definitely stay here again

Miss. Trina Back - 17th Feb, 2013
Verified Review

Response from Hotel
Thank you very much for your kind words. We are extremely pleased you enjoyed your stay with us, and would love to have you stay again in the future.

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Attractions - Kirkwood Guesthouse

Cambridge Centre - Town Centre

Cambridge Centre - Town Centre

Distance 0.71 miles (1.14 km)
Cambridge's best view is across the River Cam to the gothic chapel of King's College. Although the town is justly famous for its university, much of it is quite ancient and originated in a celtic settlement around a ford on the river. A bridge and outpost was established here by the romans and Cambridge has been a flourishing regional centre for hundreds of years.The University began at the start of the 13th century when a group of students on the run from townspeople in Oxford arrived in Cambridge. Peterhouse was the first college to be founded in 1281 by the bishop of Ely. Places to see include Trinity College, Magdelene College, St John's College and St Benedict's Church.

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Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts - University

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Kings College - Cambridge - Select One

Kings College - Cambridge - Select One

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King's was founded in 1441 by King Henry VI. His first design was modest, but by 1445 was intended to be a magnificent display of royal patronage. There were to be a Provost and seventy scholars, occupying a substantial site in central Cambridge whose drastic clearance involved the closure of several streets. The college was granted a remarkable series of feudal privileges, and all of this was supported by a substantial series of endowments from the King.
King Henry VI had admired the achievements of William of Wykeham, who had founded the twin colleges of New College, Oxford (King's College's Sister College) and Winchester College in 1379. He subsequently modelled the establishment of King's and Eton College upon the successful formation of Wykeham's institutions. Indeed, the link that King's College and Eton College share is a direct copy of the link shared between New College and Winchester College.[1] The four colleges continue to share formal ties to this day.
Originally, the college was to be specifically for boys from Eton College. It was not until 1865 that the first non-Etonian undergraduates arrived to study at King's, and the first fellow to have not attended Eton was elected in 1873. The connection with Eton is now weak, but a scholarship to attend the college, exclusively available to students from Eton, is still awarded each year.
The very first buildings of the college, now part of the Old Schools, were begun in 1441, but by 1443 the decision to build to a much grander plan had been taken. That plan survives in the 1448 Founders Will describing in detail a magnificent court with a chapel on one side. But within a decade, civil war (the Wars of the Roses) meant that funds from the King began to dry up. By the time of his deposition in 1461, the chapel walls had been raised 60 ft high at the east end but only 8 ft at the west; a building line which can still be seen today as the boundary between the lighter stone below and the darker above. Work proceeded sporadically until a generation later in 1508 when the Founder's nephew King Henry VII was prevailed upon to finish the shell of the building. The interior had to wait a further generation until completion by 1544 with the aid of King Henry VIII.
It has been speculated that the choice of the college as a beneficiary by the two later Henrys was a political one, with Henry VII in particular concerned to legitimate a new, post-civil war Tudor regime by demonstrating patronage of what was by definition the King's College. Later building work is marked by an uninhibited branding with the Tudor rose and other symbols of the new establishment, quite against the precise instructions of the Founders Will. Henry VI is not completely forgotten at the College, however, the Saturday after the end of Michaelmas term each year is Founder's Day which begins with a Founder's Eucharist in the chapel, followed by a Founder's Breakfast with ale and culminating in a sumptuous dinner in his memory called "Founder's Feast" to which all members of College in their last year of studies are invited.

University of Cambridge - Landmark

University of Cambridge - Landmark

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The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known world-wide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students, as well as the world-class original research carried out by the staff of the University and the Colleges.